3/4″F x M Straight/Angled High Flow Valve with Thermostatic Control

£71.94 inc VAT

3/4″ BSP Angle/Straight Thermostatic Valve for high flow capacity.
Thermostatically controllable valves are used to cut off and adjust flow through heating bodies. They can be equipped with thermostatic or manual head, or with motorised actuators such as Electro-thermal head. The thermostatic insert can be inspected and, if necessary, the spindle o-ring can be replaced even while the system is working. These valves can be mounted either as a straight or an angle valve according to requirements, simply by screwing the plug (also supplied) into the unused inlet.
Max operating temperature 120 ° C
Max operating pressure 10 bar.

Thermostatic Head:
Temperature range of 20 – 60° Celsius to enable the system to run at a floor surface temperature below 30° C
M30 thread