Underfloor Heating Thermostats and Controls

Good underfloor heating controls offer you both a greater level of comfort and financial savings on your heating running costs.
Underfloor heating works best when it is used effectively with the appropriate available controls, such as the programmable thermostat, digital thermostats, microtherm dial room thermostat, wiring centre or remote sensor. It is wise to make good use of a programmable thermostat or a microtherm room thermostat, so that you are not turning the underfloor heating on and off. The programmable digital thermostats have the facility to program both time and temperature settings, whereas the non digital microtherm dial thermostat would simply need to be operated in conduction with a suitable programmer or time clock if time programmable settings were desired. Using programmable thermostats or microtherm room thermostats to increase the temperature for a comfort setting or reducing the temperature down to an economy setting when not required will be more efficient than switching the underfloor heating off and on.
The temperature can either be monitored by the thermostat in the room needing to be controlled or if the thermostat is undesirable for the room then a remote temperature sensor would be of benefit. A remote floor sensor would be suitable with a screed floor, a plate sensor cable can be used with underfloor heating plates or a remote air sensor could be more useful for bath and shower rooms.
The wiring centre allows you to control 8 separate heating zones which therefore offers greater temperature control. Thermostats can be located in various rooms and when wired correctly through a wiring centre these rooms/zones are capable of being individually controlled at different times and temperatures throughout the day. An optional volt free boiler connection makes the wiring centre compatible with most boiler types.

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