Underfloor Heating Manifold Thermal Actuator Heads

An actuator head (thermal electric actuator) is a necessary component of your underfloor heating system when you wish to maximise the benefits of your underfloor heating system. The actuator opens and closes the valve on the underfloor manifold according to the signal required by the room thermostat or digital programmable thermostat. These underfloor heating actuator heads are available in the follow – 2 wire 230 / 240 v, 4 wire 230 / 240 v and 2 wire 24 v below will fit most popular manifolds such as JG Speedfit (John Guest), Emmeti, Wirsbo, Ivar, Uponor, Myson, Purmo, Komfort, Rettig, Polypipe, Polyplumb, Osma Wavin, Watts, Robbens, Nuheat, Warmafloor, Rehau, Hepworth, Giacomini, Salus, Rotex, Antares, Jupiter, Omnie, Optimo, Far, Ultimate, Taconova, Orkli. Timoleon, Ivar, Reliance, Racnova, Dismy, Spartan, Antrieb, Vogel & Noot , Siemens, Honeywell, Viega Continental, Roth, Glo and many more ..…

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