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What Is The Difference Between 12mm VS 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe?!

When it comes to underfloor heating, the choice between a 12mm and 16mm pipe primarily depends on the heating requirements of the space and the design of the heating system. Here are a few considerations:
✅ Heat output: A 16mm pipe generally…

What does Electric Underfloor Heating comprehend of?

Electric underfloor heating has been gaining popularity in the UK in recent years. It provides a comfortable and efficient way to heat homes, particularly in colder regions. While exact statistics may vary, it is considered a popular heating solution for many households, offering…

Top 5 Benefits by adding Underfloor Heating to your Property?!

✅ “Efficient Comfort: Discover the Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating for Cozy and Energy-Efficient Homes”
✅ “Smart Heating Solutions: Transform Your Space with Electric Underfloor Heating’s Advanced Temperature Control and Programmable Features”…

What is an Underfloor Heating manifold and how does it work?

An underfloor heating manifold is an important part of a hydronic underfloor heating system. It helps control and distribute heated water throughout the floor to provide efficient and comfortable heating. Here’s a breakdown of its main components and […]

How Do I Calculate How Much Pipe I Need For My Project Area?

You need to know what pipe centres you’re wanting your pipe to run at, by pipe centres we mean the distance or spacing between each pipe run you lay. So if you’re using a boiler, you would be […]

How Do I Measure My Area for Electric Underfloor Heating?

When installing Electric Underfloor Heating Systems, it is a must that you make sure your calculations are correct before ordering, as cables cannot be cut during installation and we will not refund any products which have been cut […]

Underfloor Heating Pipework Layouts

UFH Pipework Layout Variations Underfloor Heating provides an effective, space-saving heating solution for both residential and commercial spaces. When installing underfloor heating, there are three main layout options, each with their own unique advantages. The right layout for […]