Underfloor Heating Fit from Below Spreader J Plates – 40 Aluminium FFB Clippa Plates

£155.94 inc VAT (£129.95 ex VAT)

Box of 40 plates x Clippa J Plates

Suspended Floor J Shape Aluminium Underfloor Heating Fit from below (FFB) Spreader Plate are designed to be fitted beneath the floorboard.

These plates can also be used with a FFB 150 to effectively create a triple fit from below plate.

The J plate is designed for multiple joist spacings, allowing underfloor heating pipes to be installed at a variety of pipe centres by overlapping the plates where necessary, each plate will allow the pipe to easily clip in to position.

The Single format J Plate is 1000 mm long x 180 mm wide x .05mm thick with single clip into channel, grooves are suitable for 16mm pipe, FFB Heating J Plates offer the same heat outputs as standard spreader plates of the same area.