40m² Clip Rail Water Underfloor Heating Pack / Kit – P2200R

From £550.80 ( ex VAT £459.00 )

This 40m2 UFH Clip Rail System – Wet Underfloor Heating Pack / Kit come with an Easi-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe is a top quality European Manufactured Pipe and well known for it’s flexibility,and it is what it says “Easy to Lay” means making installation much easier and faster to install.

The underfloor heating water pipes can be installed with the following centres: 40m² @ 200mm centres,30m² @ 150mm centres & 20m² @ 100mm centres.

The Easi-Lay underfloor heating water pipe make the laying of the underfloor heating system quicker and easier to install.

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Pack Contents

1      x  200 m x 15 mm Easi-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe.
1      x  25 m Screed Edge Insulation Strip with PVC apron.
30    x  mtrs. UFH Clip Rail (Underfloor Pipe Fixing Track).
200  x  Underfloor Heating Fixing Clips.
4      x  Pipe Bend Supports.
1      x  2 Port Underfloor Heating Manifold.
1      x  Red Manifold Isolation Ball Valve.
1      x  Blue Manifold Isolation Ball Valve.
4      x  UFH Manifold Pipe Coupling Nuts.
1      x  Energy Efficient Pump Set &  UFH Thermomix Blending Valve.
1      x  CAD Illustrated drawings.
1      x  Set of Instructions.