Underfloor Heating 22mm x 2 port Motorised / Zone Valve

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Reliance (RWC) Two Port 22mm Zone Valve – ZONE250305

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use, clip-on detachable head
  • Metal manual operating lever for strength and stability
  • The motorised head can be retrofitted to other manufacturers’ valve bodies

A 240V two port 22mm zone valve for use in heating systems to isolate zones or equipment; powered open with spring return. The valve is supplied complete with a pre-made moulded cable to plug straight into motorised head, allowing easy connection and disconnection for maintenance. The RWC two port zone valve features a unique detachable motorised head with a robust metal manual actuating lever, and is interchangeable with other leading manufacturers’ valve bodies, mounted on a high quality brass body to ensure a long operating life and total installation flexibility.

This Polypipe Polyplumb PB9700ZV Mk 2 zone valve replaces the Polypipe Polyplumb PB9700ZV Mk1 (please note Polypipe Polyplumb PB9700ZV Motorised Valve MK1 with the detachable cable which is no longer available).

Power supply 220-240V, 50/60Hz,

Power Consumption 5 watts
Auxiliary switch rating 4A 250V AC
Water temp 5°C to 88°C
Operating temperature 5 -50°C
Response Opening Time approx. 16 secs.
Response Closing Time approx. 7 secs.
Max. differential pressure 0.69 bar
Cable length 1m
Max. static pressure  8 bar
Max Close off Pressure 1 bar