16mm PexAl Straight Valve Mohlenhoff 4 wire Actuator

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16mm Pexal Pipe Straight Valve with 4 wire 230 v Mohlenhoff  Solenoid A2024 Actuator Head with enabling boiler switching etc.
Suitable for Central Heating as well as Underfloor Heating single loop control.

Actuator Head is made in Germany by Mohlenhoff

Made in EuropeAll components are Made in Europe


  • 4 Wires – Brown,Blue, Black & Grey
  • Operation Voltage 230 V.AC 50/60Hz
  • Operating Power 1.8 Watts
  • Max. Inrush Current, max 300mA for max 200m/s
  • Stroke 4mm
  • Switching Current 230V.AC 5A (1A)
  • Protection Class 11
  • Type of Protection P54
  • Ambient Temp.  0-60°C
  • Storage Temp.   25-65°C




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