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What Is The Difference Between 12mm VS 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe?!

The difference between 12mm & 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe with Underfloor Parts

When it comes to underfloor heating, the choice between a 12mm and 16mm pipe primarily depends on the heating requirements of the space and the design of the heating system. Here are a few considerations:

✅ Heat output: A 16mm pipe generally allows for a higher flow rate and can provide greater heat output per meter compared to a 12mm pipe. This can be advantageous for larger areas or spaces with high heat loss, as it can provide more efficient and effective heating.
✅ Pipe spacing: The pipe spacing can affect the overall heat distribution across the floor surface. With a 12mm pipe, you may require narrower pipe spacing compared to a 16mm pipe to achieve the desired heat output. This can result in a more evenly distributed heat across the floor.
✅ Installation flexibility: A 12mm pipe is generally more flexible and easier to handle during installation, which can be advantageous in spaces with complex layouts or tight bends. On the other hand, a 16mm pipe is stiffer and may require larger bend radii.

It’s important to consult with a heating engineer or specialist to determine the most suitable pipe size for your specific project. They can evaluate factors such as heat requirements, system design, and any specific considerations related to your installation to guide you towards the optimal choice.