M28 mm Thread 24v 2 wire Underfloor Heating Actuator

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Uponor compatible replacement 24v 2 wire Actuator complying to Energy-Saving regulation of underfloor heating and cooling systems.

To install screw on the M28 * 1.5 mm adapter ring on to the manifold, Simply clip on to adaptor ring.


Version NC = Normally closed when power is off

Made in Germany


Technical Data

2 Core  / Wires – Brown & Blue
Operation Voltage: 24 V.AC
Operating Power: 1 Watts  
Adator Ring: M30 Thread x 1.5 Pitch (VA 80)
Inrush Current: Max. 300mA    
Stroke Distance: 4mm
Switching Current: 24 V.AC
Protection: Class 11
Type of Protection: IP54
Ambient Temp:  0-60°C
Storage Temp: 25-60°C