Underfloor Heating Spreader Plate Pack 15m Kit

£291.00 inc VAT (£242.50 ex VAT)

This underfloor heating staple pack are for small floor areas up to 15m², where both air and return water temperature are both controlled with out the need of a secondary underfloor heating pump.
The Temperature Control Box (TCB) Unit comes in white or chrome, white is the standard colour but if you would prefer to have chrome please contact the office and let them know.

Pack Contents

The below is the standard components; these components will vary accordingly on manifold size selection. Coupling and bend supports will suit the selection above.

1 x TCB Temperature Control Box (White as standard)
1 x 75 mtr. Coil of 15mm Pert Underfloor Heating Pipe
30 x 1000 mm x 390 mm Double Groove Aluminium Spreader Plates
2 x Pipe Bend Supports
4 x Eurocone x 15mm Pert Pipe Coupling Nuts
2 x Eurocone x 15mm Copper Tube Coupling Nuts
1 x Eurocone Wheelhead Valve
1 x Eurocone Lockshield Valve