Underfloor Heating Injection Valve – Return Limiting Valve

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The Underfloor Heating Injection Valve is a self regulation valve. The Injection Valve does not require any electricity.
The Injection Valve utilises the return limit sensor which controls the water temperature.
The Injection Valve has a temperature range of 20 – 60° Celsius to enable the system to run at a floor surface temperature below 30° C. This is ideal for small areas of under floor heating or a small extension (up to 15m²) etc. where it can be used to extend to an existing radiator system which could run between 60-80° Celsius.
The Injection Valve is fully adjustable; if the room is to cold it can easily be turned up and likewise if it is too hot it can just as easily be turned down.

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Pex  = Cross linked Polyethylene
Pert = Polyethylene Raised Temperature
PB   = Polybutylene