Underfloor Heating 150 mm x 1000 mm FFB (Fit from Below) Spreader Plates

From £3.42 ( ex VAT £3.42 )

24550542_mThe UK Made Komfort Underfloor Heating Spreader Plate,  fit from below (FFB) double aluminium spreader plates, the FFB spreader plate system is designed to be installed from underneath the already fitted floor boards are already installed and underfloor heating is required.

The fit from below aluminium ( FFB) double heat spreader plate is designed for joist spacing of 300 mm  and 600 mm centres, and can be used with Heat Pumps where pipe centres are required closer.

UFH FFB Spreader Plate overall dimensions 1000 x 150 mm with double pipe channels

Our FFB aluminium fit from below ufh double heat spreader plate also works well with TJI, Silent Floors,Eco Joists,BCI,Trus Joist  Pozi-Joists.