Underfloor Heating Kit – 80m² Triple Spreader Plate UFH Kit

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This Heat Pump UFH Triple Spreader Plate System

Wet Underfloor Heating Pack / Kit for use with an Heat Pump as the heat source the UFH kit has an Easi-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe is a top quality European Manufactured Pipe and well known for it’s flexibility,and it is what it says “Easy to Lay” means making installation much easier and faster to install.


The Easi-Lay underfloor heating water pipe make the laying of the underfloor heating system quicker and easier to install.

The aluminium UFH triple spreader plates are 1000 mm x 395 mm x 0.5 mm have 3 preformed channels for UFH pipes to be installed at 150 mm apart to accommodate the lower flow temperature from the Heat Pump.

This Triple Spreader Plate Underfloor Heating System is suitable for a floor area of areas up to 80m² floor area.

Should you require and alternative area please contact a member of our team who will be happy to provide you with a quote specific for you requirements.

Pack Contents

The below is the standard components; these components will vary accordingly on manifold size selection. Coupling and bend supports will suit the selection above.

This 80m² Triple Spreader Plate Underfloor Heating System comprises of –
2 x 300 m x 16 mm Easi-Lay Underfloor Heating WaterPipe
160 x 1000 x 395 mm Aluminium Triple Grove Spreader Plates
1 x 11 Port Underfloor Heating Manifold with Flow Regulators
1 x 1″ Red Manifold Isolation Ball Valve
1 x 1″ Blue Manifold Isolation Ball Valve
22 x 16 mm UFH Manifold Pipe Coupling Nuts
22 x 16mm Pipe Bend Support
1 x CAD Illustrated drawings
1 x Set of Instructions.