TILE-ON Underfloor Heating Cementitious Reinforced R-XPS Overlay Panels

£18.84 inc VAT (£15.70 ex VAT)

Tile-On 1200 x 600 mm 20mm thick R-XPS400 Underfloor Heating Panels.
R-XPS400 overlay double returns have cement reinforced surfaces, Making them ideal for direct tiling, cement-based screeds, and synthetic resins also wood and laminate flooring can be used.
Ideal for use in wet areas such as Wet Rooms, Bathrooms and where there is exposure to moisture, it is also suitable for Conservatories or any other part of the house requiring a low build height. A vapour barrier isn’t necessarily required with these panels.

Our panels are made from high-density extruded polystyrene with a reinforced cement coating on the top and bottom surfaces providing excellent impact and compressive strength. The R-XPS panel can be cut using conventional tools and has good bonding properties for cement-based tile adhesives with no need for priming.

Product Specification –
Total overall dimensions – 1200mm x 600 mm x 20mm
Pipe Diameter – 16mm
Thermal conductivity – 0.033 W/mk
Pipe centres – 200mm
Material – Cement Reinforced Surface XPS
Water Absorption – 0.6%
Compression Strength – 400 Kpa
Temperature Range – -50 deg to 75 deg Centigrade
Fire performance – BS 476 / EN13501-1 Class 0 / Euroclass E
Sound Reduction – BS EN ISO 10140-3 19dB ( 6mm )
Weight – 2.92 kgs
Solvent-based products should not be used in conjunction with these panels.

The area of each panel is .72m², when calculating your requirement we recommend you allow an additional approx 5%  above.


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