Pert-Al-Pert 16 mm Pipe – C-Line European Std. WRAS Approved

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C-Line Wras Approved  16mm Pert Al Pert Pipe

Our range of Pert-Al-Pert pipe is manufactured to ISO9001 European standards which ensures outstanding performance & reliability.

5 layer 16mm pert-al-pert pipe is used with warm water underfloor heating, radiator system and water.

The aluminium core provides strength and importantly acts as an oxygen barrier to stop the ingress of oxygen into the system causing premature wear (corrosion) to the manifold.

The aluminium layer also makes the pipe form-stable, making it very easy to work with by eliminating spring back therefore staying in position making an easy installation.

Holds it shape when bent for simple installation
5-layer 100% oxygen barrier
Coil lengths: 50m,80m,100m,200m,300m
Suitable for all 16mm fitting systems
50 year design life
Marked every metre


Material: PE-RT / AL / PE-RT
Diameter: 16mm x 2mm
Internal diameter: 11.95mm ± 0.1mm
Minimum bend radius: 80mm
Weight: 0.102kg/m
Water volume: 0.113L/min
Conductivity: 0.42W/mK
Coefficient of expansion: 0.025mm/mK
Operating pressure and temperature:
Normal operating temperature to: 60°C
Normal operating pressure to: 6 bar
Minimum failure temperature: 95°C
Minimum failure pressure: 10 bar