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Giacomini Hep2o Underfloor Thermal Actuator 230v 2 wire R473 N.C.

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Giacomini / Hep2o Manifold Thermal Actuator R473

Made in EuropeThe actuators of the R473 series are normally closed (NC); they allow the hydraulic supply of the circuits in presence of voltage and they have a cable
with two conductors for the connection to room thermostats or adjustment regulators.
The R473M version has a stroke end micro-switch for driving circulators or zone valves.
The R473V version has varistor for installation on places where the network voltage undergoes sudden changes that could damage the electronic
The R473MV version has either varistor or stroke end micro-switch.
These models have a manual block mechanism in opening position to make the assembly on valves easier, and allow maintenance to the electric plant by
maintaining the water circulation into the hydraulic system.

Description In order to allow an optimal control of the room temperature, combining the energy saving with a high comfort, the use of electrical actuators on distribution manifolds, on radiator valves with thermostatic option, or on fancoil valves is advisable.

The series of  R473 electrical actuators is characterised by an absolute quiet operation, long lasting lifetime as it has no mechanism subjected to wear and a sufficiently slow closing to prevent from water hammer phenomenon.

The operation mechanism is made of wax bulbs controlled by low consumption electrical PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient).

Technical data

• Product in compliance with the Directives B.T. 73/23/CEE and 93/68/CEE and ENEC 03 Certificate

• Product category: “Electrical actuators for assembly on radiators or radiant panel systems”

• Condition in absence of voltage: – Normally closed “NC” (R473)

• Linear motion • Valve working stroke 2,4 mm • Dust protection class 2

• Electrical discharge voltage 4 kV • Electrical enclosure to IP40

• Protection against direct contracts by means of double insulation (Class II) • Supply cable type H05 VV-F, useful length 1m

• Opening time at ambience temperature for R473/R473V/R473M/R473VM versions, 230 V – 24 V ≈ 6 minutes

• Working room temperature: -5÷50 °C • Storage room temperature: -20÷65 °C

• Casing material flame retardant PBT V0-UL94 • Vertical assembly above the valve, or horizontal

• Rapid connection for Giacomini standard • Valve position mechanical indicator

• Micro-switch NO with close valve (R473M – R473MV) R478V 230v T50 2 wire Normally Closed 2.5 watts IP 40 Rated

SUITABLE ACTUATOR REPLACEMENT FOR  – Hepworth Hep2O UH15 – Giacomini R473 NC 230v (R473X101) – Giacomini R473V NC 230v (R473VX101) – Giacomini R479V NC 230v (R479VX101) – Giacomini R479 NC 230v (R479X101) – Giacomini R475V NC 230v (R475VX001) – Giacomini R475 NC 230v (R475X001) – Giacomini R473VX121 – Taconova Novadrive 257.2864.000

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