**Energymiser Duo Thermostat 2 Channel with Floor/Screed Sensor**

£94.80 inc VAT (£79.00 ex VAT)

The Energymizer Duo 230v 2 Zone (2 Channel) Programmable Digital Thermostat. It’s a perfect answer for Bedrooms with En-suite, and other applications. Zone 1 is controlled by the air sensor, and Zone 2 is controlled by the remote floor sensor, which is provided. Sensor Included.

Key Features;

  • Blue Backlight, adjustable timing (30 Seconds, Always On, Always Off)
  • Two Zone Control (two Channel)
  • Fully programmable (Weekday and Weekend, 7 Days, 24 Hours)
  • Daily Events (Set your thermostat to Wake Up, Day, Evening and Night Time)
  • Vacation Mode
  • Slimline Design
  • ⁰C/⁰F Temperature Formats
  • Lock Feature
  • Frost Protection
  • Manually Change the Temperature
  • Supply: 230v
  • Outputs: Zone 1, 8 amp – Zone 2, 8 amp
  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 14mm
  • Suitable for both Electric and Water Underfloor Heating Systems.
  • Screed Sensor

The Duo Thermostat is designed to allow you to control two individual zones from one thermostat, perfect for rooms that should not have thermostats, for example, Bedrooms with en-suite.  In the summer months, you can program the thermostat to warm the en-suite and not the bedroom, as conventional thermostats would require you to heat both areas. Making the duo thermostat more efficient and again saving you more money on your energy bills. Another example, would be for the main bathroom of the household, instead of having to heat the entire landing space and the bathroom, you can control both area’s separately. The landing thermostat could be placed on the outer wall of the bathroom. Heatmizer  equivalent  

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