Underfloor Heating Plated Kit – 70m² UFH Heating Pack P4350PL

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This 70m² UFH Spreader Plated System – Wet Underfloor Heating Pack / Kit come with an Easi-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe is a top quality European Manufactured Pipe and well known for it’s flexibility,and it is what it says “Easy to Lay” means making installation much easier and faster to install.

The Easi-Lay underfloor heating water pipe make the laying of the underfloor heating system quicker and easier to install.

The aluminium UFH spreader plates are 1000 mm x 395 mm x 0.5 mm have 2 preformed channels 200 mm apart which carries the 16mm Easi-Lay underfloor heating water pipes.


Pack Contents

The below is the standard components; these components will vary accordingly on manifold size selection. Coupling and bend supports will suit the selection above.

This 70m² Spreader Plate Underfloor Heating System comprises of –
1 x 200 m x 16 mm Easy-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe
1 x 150 m x 16 mm Easy-Lay Underfloor Heating Water Pipe
140 x Aluminium Double Grooved (Omega) Diffusion Spreader Plates 1000 x 395mm
8 x 16mm Pipe Bend Support
1 x 4 Port Underfloor Heating Manifold with Flow Regulators
1 x 1″ Red Manifold Isolation Ball Valve
1 x 1″ Blue Manifold Isolation Ball Valve
8 x UFH 16mm Manifold Pipe Coupling Nuts (Compression)
1 x Energy Efficient “A” Rated Pump Set & UFH Blending Valve
1 x CAD Illustrated drawings
1 x Set of Instructions