20mm x 500m PERT Underfloor Heating Pipe – Frankische 5 Layer Oxygen Barrier

£402.48 inc VAT

20mm x 2mm wall x 500m Frankische Difustop PERT Pipe – 5 Layer Barrier

Frankische Diffustop pipe is a 5 Layer Barrier pipe made from DOWLEX™ Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT).  This is an advanced type of polyethylene which benefits from the latest Dow technology (constrained geometry catalyst, polymerization solution technology and polyethylene commonomer) to add extra performance characteristics such as enhanced strength at high temperatures to the traditional properties of polyethylene. The family of DOWLEX™ PE-RT Resins has a proven track record of close to 30 years for delivering excellent performance in pipe applications. Over two million kilometres of pipes have been produced using DOWLEX™ PE-RT Resins.