200m x 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe (PERT) Komfort UFH Pipe

From £155.94 ( ex VAT £129.95 )

Underfloor Heating Pipe 200 metre coil x 16 mm Easy Lay Polyethylene Raised Temperature Pipe (PERT).

Our Easy Lay Pipes allows Quicker Installation Saving both  Money and Time.

Technical Data:

  • 5 layer oxygen diffusion barrier pipe
  • Class 5
  • Max Temp: 90 Degrees
  • 6 bar pressure
  • Din 4721 – 4726

Made in EuropeManufactured in Europe by a leading European Pipe Manufacturer.

The Komfort tubes are produced according to international standards ASTM F-1282 and accompanied by a certified SKZ for their mechanical strength and warranty 2.000.000 CHF (swiss francs).

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