Komfort Underfloor Heating Manifolds

This is a Top Quality Underfloor Heating Manifold with a nickel plated on brass, each manifold come ready assembled with the flow barrel on the top and the return on the bottom.

This Italian Top Quality Komfort Mk.2 Underfloor Heating Manifold we and the manufacturers are so confident in the quality we are able to offer 20 YEARS GUARANTEE*.
Each manifold is supplied with the following –
1 x 1″ Flow Manifold with adjustable flow regulators
1 x 1″ Return Manifold with a wheel head valve
2 x Manifold wall fixing brackets
1 x 1″ Quarter turn isolation ball valve (flow)
1 x 1″ Quarter turn isolation ball valve (return)
1 x Automatic air vent
2 x Terminal tee fittings
1 x Flow fill-drain point
1 x 10 bar pressure gauge for monitoring the underfloor heating system pressure
1 x Return fill-drain point

Komfort Mk2. Underfloor Heating Manifolds are made in Italy from drawn brass bars with a special profile.
They are machined and assembled automatically using the special innovative machinery in the company workshop.
Each underfloor heating manifold is tested under pressure with all the fittings and accessories mounted to be sure that there are no leaks before leaving the factory.
Each underfloor heating manifold and relative manifold fittings are manufactured directly from the bars are submitted to stress relieving treatment after mechanical finishing to eliminate all possibility of future cracking and breaking.
Manifold threads on the main column connections are according to the ISO228 standard.
All underfloor heating pipes are connected by means of 3/4“ EUROKONUS fittings mounted on the manifold with an o-ring and sealed to ensure they do not loosen when disassembling the fitting.
All other manifold fittings and accessories have the soft-sealed with o-rings and do not require any other jointing compound or seals (such as p.t.f.e., hemp, etc…).
Each Underfloor Heating Manifold has has a marker i.e Flow Manifold (IN) and return Manifold (OUT) to avoid any possible installation errors occurring.

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