Underfloor Heating Floor Fixing Components

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  • Tray-100

    Underfloor Heating Plastic Castellated Floor Panels 30mm (Select Qty)

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    The Molded Plastic Castellated Floor Panels / Egg Box Trays  100% Recycled Plastic

    24550542_m     Proud to be Made here in the  UK  The Floor Panels will give optimum performance in your Underfloor Heating System, the floor trays allow for a fast installation together with accurate fixing of underfloor heating pipes. The knob system floor tray holds the pipe securely in place by the castellated knobs, the underfloor  panel also acts as a pipe fixing template ensuring accurate spacing of pipes allowing a even heat distribution. Our unique floor panels are lightweight and can be easily cut to size to fit any room shape. The underfloor pipe trays are provided in black, they are neatly overlapped to create a fully interlocking continuous grid floor panel ready for the pipes which can be fixed at 100, 200 & 300 mm pipe centres. This floor panel will interlock with the red floor panels with dimensions of  1.20 x 1.0 m with 100 mm pipe centres. The underfloor pipes are securely held in position before and during the laying of the floor screed. Features and Benefits
    • Made from Recycled High Impact Polystyrene
    • Easy to install
    • Minimum amount of waste
    • Eliminates pipe contact with insulation
    • Total size 1220 mm x 820 mm x 30 mm
    • Pipe Centres can be at 100 mm, 200 mm & 300 mm
    • Each Panel will cover approx 1 square metre
    Colour Black
    • Ideal for use with Boilers
    • Pipe Diameter 15 mm - 16 mm

    The more you buy the cheaper the price becomes, for bulk quantities above 1000 trays, please call us and we will quote you accordingly.

  • Underfloor-Heating-Spreader-Plate

    Underfloor Heating Aluminium Spreader Plates – (Select Qty) UFH Double Groove Diffusion Plates

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    This water underfloor heating aluminium diffuser plates / double spreader plates are designed for use with wet / piped underfloor heating systems. Aluminium UFH double heat diffuser / double spreader plate dimension are 1000 x 390 mm to suit ufh pipes sizes from 15 -16- 17 mm in diameter, each aluminium underfloor heating / UFH diffusion plate / spreader plate has twin / double preformed groves for pipes at 200 mm centres. These underfloor heating / UFH spreader plates have an omega shape grove to hold / clipping the pipe securely unlike a straight U channel spreader plates. Each water underfloor heating aluminium double spreader plate will cover a heated floor area of 1/2 m² allowing sufficient spacing between each spreader plate,and also at  the edge of the room where the pipe turns 180° back into the spreader plate. The UFH double spreader plates are suitable for suspended floor systems and are fitted on top of floor joists or battens at the standard 400 mm centres (should the joist spaces vary this can be usually overcome on site). The double groove ufh spreader plates have preformed channels with pipe centres of 200 mm, the ufh double spreader plate can be nailed, screwed or stapled onto the top of the floor joist or floor batten. The metal aluminium underfloor heating spreader plates are one of the most effective ways by giving a homogeneous heat transfer to the underside of wooden floor - floor boards and is a proven method of distributing the heat evenly. The aluminium underfloor heating spreader plates will give the UFH heat output of 77 watts per m² at room temperature 20 deg. C. with a floor temperature of 27 deg Celsius. Any variation on either of the these two temperatures this will vary the heat output ( or -) from the underfloor heating system. We recommend that the ufh double spreader plate sits snugly beneath the floorboards giving direct contact to the floor board, which will then give the maximum heat transfer from your water underfloor heating system. Insulation should be fitted directly beneath the ufh spreader plate. All our UFH Aluminium / Underfloor Heating Spreader Plates are made to a high standard here in the UK. “Our spreader plates are unique in the way they are manufactured giving them extra strength which holds the pipe much better and will be less likely to crease, making them more robust.”with each UFH double Spreader plate being 1000 mm x 390 mm of high quality aluminium 1050a H 14 to carry UFH pipes 15, 16 & 17 mm diameter. We offer various types of ufh spreader plates within our on line shop, for large or bulk orders please contact the office for a price. We are also able to supply ufh triple channel aluminium heating spreader plates for underfloor heating systems which require pipes to be run at closer centres than 200mm. For installation of the double groove underfloor heating spreader plates please visit - http://www.underfloorspreaderplates.co.uk/  "a guide of how to fit the ufh double spreader plates".
  • Underfloor Heating Triple Spreader Plates 3 Channel Aluminium 600 x 1000mm

    Underfloor Heating Triple Spreader Plates 3 Channel Aluminium 600 x 1000mm

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    24550542_m     British Made Underfloor Heating Triple Spreader Plates 600 mm wide x 1000 mm to fit 600 mm joists centres with 200mm Pipe Centres, each spreader plate has pre-formed Omega shape channels / grooves to retain both 15mm and 16mm underfloor heating pipes securely. The aluminium spreader plates will fit 600 mm wide floor joists [caption id="attachment_13365" align="alignnone" width="350"]Underfloor Heating Aluminium Triple Groove Spreader Plate Underfloor Heating Aluminium Triple Groove Spreader Plate[/caption] Each of Our Underfloor Heating Aluminium Spreader plates are made from high grade aluminium sheet, which we have had specially hardened to give extra rigidity.