Conduit Pipe Sleeving

Conduit Pipe Sleeving for both insulating and protecting the underfloor heating pipes

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  • Underfloor Heating Corrugated Conduit – 19mm Black Flexible Pipe Sleeve

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    Underfloor Heating (UFH) Black convoluted pipe / flexible corrugated conduit coil 19 mm inside diameter and 24 mm outside diameter. The Underfloor Heating convoluted pipe / flexible corrugated conduit  is used where there are a multiple of underfloor heating pipes close together  to insulate, otherwise there would be large or excessive amount of heat in a small area such as hall ways, cupboards and doorway leading to the manifold. The UFH convoluted pipe / flexible conduit coil can also be used where underfloor heating water pipes are travelling through a room to another room and where the UFH water pipes are going through walls. The UFH  convoluted pipe / flexible corrugated conduit coil, conduit size 24mm inside diameter, makes it suitable for underfloor heating pipe diameters up to 17mm outside diameter . suitable for the following underfloor heating pipes PexAl, PertAl, Pex, Pert and Polybutene pipes allow a cavity of air (insulating) around the underfloor heating pipes, this then can avoid the possibility of the floor screed cracking. The flexible corrugated conduit pipe is also used as a protective sleeve for where the underfloor heating pipes rises from the screed floor up to the manifold, as well as where any ufh pipes go through a expansion strip. The convoluted pipe / flexible corrugated conduit can also be used plumbing pipework for protecting both plastic and copper pipes. The Black UFH convoluted pipe / flexible corrugated conduit available are in both 25 & 50 metres lengths, where shorter lengths are requires the flexible corrugated conduit can be cut with a cutters or a knife to the appropriate length. It also can be used for protecting electrical wires to machinery, pipe sleeving for plumbing  etc. Made in Europe5 Yrs Guarantee against any manufacturing defects.