Underfloor Heating Plastic Floor Trays System for Solid Floor

The underfloor heating lightweight plastic floor trays (panels) nest for easy storage and carrying.

The underfloor heating knob tray system is an solution for installing underfloor heating into solid screed floors. Each heating panel is interlocking to form one large solid floor tray ready for fitting with underfloor heating pipes. Sometimes the floor panels are often called underfloor egg crates.
Our lightweight plastic trays are quick and easy to cut to size,it is possible to fit underfloor heating into any shaped room.
The floor trays form a simple castellated grid to ensure the fastest possible pipe laying and also provide a precise guide for the pipe,ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved.
Perimeter edging strip is required with this system. The underfloor heating trays can be covered with either traditional sand and cement screed or liquid screed system.

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